The Stillness Through It All


I’m the peace beneath the chaos,
I’m the calm within the storm,
I’m the bitter, northeast winter,
And the flame that keeps you warm.

I’m the rock on which this city stands,
The bed on which you lie,
I’m the pristine April morning,
And the wide, forgiving sky.

I’m the raindrop on your window,
And the rivulet it makes,
I am summer’s every aching hum,
Each longing that it wakes.

I’m the leaf upon the tree top,
And the sorrow of the fall,
I’m the children playing in the street,
Their bright, audacious ball.

I’m the light within the stranger’s eyes
Reflecting glory back,
I’m the tiredness your mother feels,
Your country’s broken back.

I am every hope you’ve dared to feel,
Each frightened, halting start,
I’m the light of which your body’s made,
Suffusing every part.

My name is every word you speak,
My home is where you are,
I’m the tireless spinning wheel that guides
The arc of every star.

I am deep within your sadness,
I am waiting for you, dear.
Come to me, and take my hand
I long to hold you near.

You will know that you are precious
You will know that you are whole
When we dance the moonlit samba through
The ballrooms of your soul.

Oceans come, and oceans go,
But I am always here.
Be still, my love, I’m whispering
A song for you to hear –

A single breath, an empty space,
My timeless, soundless call,
That symphony of silence, now:
The stillness through it all.