Pleasure in Things

There was a time
when you had to be practical
and efficient
above all else.
The business of living
was tricky, and it was enough—
sometimes too much—
to find solutions
to the problems at hand,
stowing the knowing
you weren’t yet strong enough
to hold.

But here you are now
and utility has given way
to beauty, harmony,
the poetry of detail,
the halo of care
around a creation
that was loved into being.

What is essential
has expanded
to include not just what works
but what feels good.

Rest your hand
on this walnut table,
your foot
in this shearling boot.
Marvel at the paint and light
on the canvas,
the glaze on the pot.

Your pleasure in things
Your delight

Choose it. Feed it
with your feelings of simple joy.
Let it rise all around you.
This could be your salvation.
This could be your life.