Make me an instrument of the Unseen.
Guide me between worlds,
I long to know the wild edge of life.

For too long my heart was the prisoner of my mind,
Until I dared taste your offerings of freedom.

I am ready now,
To be a student of Truth,

To learn the tongues of the Cosmos, 
To interpret the stories of the seeds germinating in the womb of my soul.

I feel your benevolent winds at my back, and yet,
I am still afraid..

Grant me the courage to roam the vast empty plains in search of truth, with the faith that I
will never be lost.

Grant me the fearlessness to experience the fullness of love knowing that I also risk feeling its
inextricable loss. 

Grant me the compassion to hold all parts of myself tenderly, and the grace to offer mercy to
those who are not yet ready to love all of themselves.

Grant me the serenity to see that even in the chaos I will always have the compass of my soul.

Grant me the humility to know that I am but one drop, and the wisdom to know that I am also
the whole ocean.

Make me an instrument of the Unseen.
Show me the way Home.