The Voice of Stillness

I see you in your volcanic anger,
in your exhaustion, in your questions,
in the scraped-out hollow of your loss.
I watch, always, as you move through these moments –
beside you, through you, surrounding you.
I watch with deep and abiding love,
with understanding for all you do and do not do,
all your fear, all your confusion, all your pain.
I am simply here,  
like water running over stones,
holding the echoes of all the laughter and tears
and conversations and joys of your life.
I am the frogs and owls,
the soft sounds of your sleeping children.
I am the breath of the very earth,
and I love you entirely.
Caught in the whirl of a human life,
you simply forget.
Whirl in a new way now.
Spin like a child – arms outstretched,
eyes on the sky, trusting your feet –
faster and faster until you fall
dizzy and laughing to the ground.
Lay your face in the cool moss;
bring yourself eye to eye with the world you find there.
You are ocean salt and ancient coral,
clouds building on the horizon,
sunlight streaming through rain-soaked leaves.
You are a part of Love itself
and you are always free.